The Noh Walk


How to do it
  • find a quiet space a practice room could work quite well
  • go to one end of the room, you need a few meters clear space
  • now stand still
  • feet together
  • bend your knees slightly
  • feel your centre of gravity through your abdominal muscles, support it with lengthening the small of your back

“Keep breathing, in a relaxed but regular way”

  • imagine an invisible thread is lifting the crown of your head to the ceiling,
  • let your chin drop a little as the back of your neck lengthens
  • then let your shoulders drop a little
  • keep your hands by your side do your fingers feel restless? then imagine holding a small 5c coin between your thumb and middle finger, on both hands
  • now imagine two invisible threads are lifting your collarbones up, lifting up towards the ceiling, let your shoulders relax back let your shoulder blades flatten a little
  • feet together
  • knees bent
  • supported, straight but relaxed posture steady breathing
(Field notes Imogen Eve, 23-11-2019)